A year ago this week…

Last year on the 12th of June my Indiegogo campaign for Tales of the Sword ended.

I had initially asked for $6,000 and we raised $541 through Indiegogo, and had some direct, “after the bell” donations that followed.

With that in hand, we moved forward on the production…

It’s been a year, and we are in the last moments of finishing the first episode.  I am meeting with my colorist and composer on Thursday for probably our last notes meeting.  Depending on how many changes need to be made, we may be locking the episode shortly after.

Part of me wanted all of this to move much faster than it did, though it would have taken a lot more capital for that to happen.  But there’s the other part of me that realizes that everything has happened exactly as it should and that the end result is going to be a beautiful piece of work of which everyone involved can be proud.

Once we lock, we’ll schedule the cast/crew screening, then it will be up on this site for viewing.  Then after a bit, we’ll be going back to the fundraising trail to see if people are willing to fund an Episode Two!  And hopefully Episode Two will take less than a year to create!

I’ve learned a lot about producing from this, and I think that my expectations will be more realistic for round two.  I definitely know more about the costs in both time and money that an endeavor like this requires.  But I also know that I am working with some of the most creative and wonderful individuals, so I’m confident in a way I wasn’t quite before that we can make a full season of really incredible content.


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