The episode is up and running, both here and on YouTube. We finally have the show up on IMDB and I just got my awesome composer, Tyler David Gilbert, up on CD Baby and where you can buy his singles here on the website. I finally feel like I am crossing the “t” and dotting the “i” on Episode One.

This isn’t really the case though. The big push now will be to get people to watch the video, share with friends, and review it if possible. I wrote a press release last week, and this week will be all about sending that out into the world.

I had a vague notion when I started this project of the amount of work it would be, but I really did underestimate it. As I’ve said before, triple whatever resource you think you’re going to need. And since I can’t replicate myself, I either need to recruit two other people or I need to give myself three times as long to do things.

As I’m looking at what all we’ve accomplished, I am very proud of how far we’ve come. I know we’re going to be back at it again trying to fund and get Episode Two made. But for just this moment, I want to just sit and stare at our IMDB page and be really proud.

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