Episode One

“A Lady’s Honor”




Patty Jean Robinson:

Patty hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, with a B.A. in Theater Arts from UCLA. She credits Looney Tunes, The Muppets, and Disney Movies on her inherent silliness and love of playing. All that has lead her to continue her studies in improvisation and theatrical combat. She’s gonna be a pirate when she grows up! A really fun one, too. In the meantime, she writes for MsInTheBiz.com and co-hosts WebSeries Watch.



Hans Pasricha:

As an avid gamer and full time father, Hans Pasricha splits his time between running his two companies and spending time with his daughter. In the past few years Hans has compiled dramatic experience on set, as well as in theater and motion capture, and professional experience working as Design Director on the video game Project Lodus. Nowadays, in his literally seconds of free time, Hans likes to swing swords around and look pretty doing it.



Eric Hunter:

Eric Hunter is an American actor who has worked on films such as Lovelace and the multi-award winning Argo. Eric was born in Tampa, Florida where he began acting in high school and studied at Performers Studio Workshop. Eric graduated from East Bay High School in Tampa. He then spent the next few years studying and working in the South East. In 2011, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. From there he has worked on shows like 2 Broke Girls and movies like Argo and Lovelace. Eric has also been working in production and training as a stunt performer.




Monica Hafer:  Writer/Director

Monica gave up a perfectly reasonable career as an English professor and dove into the wild and untamed life of a Hollywood screenwriter.  During her time in Los Angeles, she has worked for production companies, below-the-line agencies, and a casting company, as well as having written video game reviews, ghost-written comic books and comic book bonus material, film shorts, feature screenplays, and several webseries.  Her most recent projects include the webseries Cannibal Clown Killer and Tales of the Sword.  (http://www.laptopkitty.net/)

Jan_2254w_swordcrped        Jan_photo

Jan Bryant:  Stunt Choreographer

Jan Bryant is one of the only female Swordmasters in the entire film industry. Her choreography can be seen in many top-level films such as Hook, Army of Darkness, Hot Shots Part Deux, and Master and Commander for which she trained many stars – Dustin Hoffman, Dante Basco, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Campbell, and Paul Bettany – to name a few. Her performances include a hilarious co-starring role in How I Met Your Mother – Subway Wars, being the only woman to sword fight (as a man) with Russell Crowe on Master and Commander, and a starring role as herself on the YouTube web series, FIGHT CLASS, The Series.

Jan has an ongoing training program along with her partners, Dan Speaker, and Kim Turney, at the Academy of Theatrical Combat, to teach anyone who is interested in combat and swordplay as an art form. They have recently published their first book on the basics of theatrical combat technique: Academy of Theatrical Combat Basics Level 1.

Jan loves to teach, choreograph, act, and perform the art of combat and sword fighting at all levels in the entertainment and video game industry! (http://theatricalcombat.com/)     (http://theatricalcombat.com/basics-level-1/)

Michael Lang

Michael Lang:  Assistant Director

Michael Lang is primarily a writer and director who has always had a fondness for storytelling ever since he was a child. While in college he stumbled upon filmmaking, and knew he had found his calling. In 2004, he joined Inner Image Media and in 2010, he became a full partner while simultaneously starting Rapid Reelz™ with Miguel Amodio. Michael not only enjoys creating opportunities for actors, but also for other writers and filmmakers who want to learn and grow every chance they get.



Ajala Bandele:  Director of Photography

Ajala is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts, where he earned a B.F.A in acting and writing. He has been making and shooting for the web since graduation and has recently finished filming his first feature length film. Ajala feels very proud to have been apart of this wonderful and witty project!



Miguel Amodio:  Camera Operator/Editor

Miguel Amodio has been a photographer, cinematographer, graphic designer and film editor for over a decade. Originally from San Francisco, Miguel now lives in Los Angeles where he produces for his company, Inner Image Media.  His filmic resume includes narratives, music videos, documentaries, and other commercial shorts spanning across the web.  His photographic resume includes editorial, fashion, fitness, headshots, events, and on-set photography.  Miguel loves jumping in with others to learn as much as possible and create the best content for any given situation.


Tyler 2013-2-L

Tyler David Gilbert:  Sound/Music Composer


Ausra Rosegard:  Makeup

stephaine boltjes

Stephaine Boltjes:  Still Photographer

Erin Redshaw:  Costume Design